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The influence of the Belt and Road with paper

The main area of the “Belt and Road” strategy is centered on Asia. It is the region with the greatest development potential in the global paper industry. It is also known as the world's three major markets with Europe and the Americas. However, apart from China and a few countries, the development of the paper industry in other countries and regions is relatively backward. Whether it is at a low level in technology and production, but there are advantages in labor, resources, and market, it will be the most potential of global pulp and paper. A dynamic market is a rare development opportunity for the Chinese paper industry.

After more than 30 years of rapid development, China has not only become the world's most concentrated area of papermaking technology and advanced equipment, but also accumulated rich experience in development, with unique advantages in technology, talent, cost and capital. In recent years, Chinese paper-making enterprises have begun to go out of the country to make a layout. China's papermaking equipment and products have been successfully exported to Europe, Africa and many Asian countries and regions.

With the "One Belt, One Road" strategy proposed, China's paper industry "going out" has received support at the national level. The Chinese government will support enterprises and projects that "go global" in terms of resources, finance, and policies. The “One Belt, One Road” strategic initiative will bring new development opportunities to the paper industry in Asia and the world. The more mature Chinese paper industry will become an important force to promote the development of the paper industry in Asia and the world. Through the new stage of Asia, China's paper industry It will continue to be in line with the global paper industry, fully participate in the adjustment of the global industrial structure, and make more contributions to the development of the global paper industry.