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A creative notebook that makes you fall in love at a glance

For the era of rapid development of Internet electronic products today, notebook customization has always been favored by people. It is not only simple writing and memo tools, but also more personalized customization elements to make notebook customization more artistic and creative. The combination of design inspiration and custom-made notebooks to showcase its unique culture and temperament. In this era where one computer can be used to solve all problems with one computer, some people prefer not to do so. They would rather take a notebook record and write on paper with a pen tip.

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For a person who loves life, choose a delicate and meaningful notebook, write down your work and mood, and look around when you need it. It is very pleasant to review the focus of the work and to relive some of the feelings that have passed away. Now more is the time when some enterprises and institutions hold events, trade fairs, promotion days and company anniversary celebrations. They like to customize some notebooks with company logos to give each other their feelings, exchanges and image presentations. The commemorative gift that will make the customer remember our company very well.

蓝色花朵 精装笔记本印刷

With regard to custom-made notebooks, Meida's printing notebooks offer hundreds of leathers and styles to tailor a beautiful style to your business and products. The cover texture includes leather, imitation leather, imported color leather, PU leather, artificial leather, PVC, binding cloth, binding paper, special paper and metal. The cover can be attached with a hot stamping, hot silver, silk screen, leather color printing, four-color offset printing, embroidery, laser engraving and other forms of LOGO. Information content can be printed personal data, calendar, family and friends birthday birthday memorandum, important festivals, common foreign trade abbreviations, container volume table, common weights and measures conversion table, monthly average temperature of major regions of the world, international size, international telephone code, domestic long-distance telephone area code and timely Poor, zip code, address book, subway map, etc.

Our notebook paper is ink-resistant and is ideal for pen ballpoint pen writing. Each page of paper is accompanied by a page number, which can be used to find the past records. The ridge of the notebook is strong and durable. Nowadays, our company produces more than one hundred customized notebook products, which are divided into: loose-leaf notebook, line-mounted notebook, oil-edge notebook, zipper notebook, buckle notebook, suit notebook, pen notebook, sticky note notebook, coloring notebook; It also produces a variety of exquisite albums, books and magazines. From pre-design to post-production and processing, with strict control and process standards, first-class creativity, first-class quality, and first-class service, it is our constant pursuit!